Holistic Licensed Esthetician
Specializing in Gua Sha, MLD for neck + face
Instagram Skin Care Educator
Boise, ID Area

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Masterclass: 7 Step Holistic Skin Care Ritual, Join the slow beauty movement + revolutionize your skin care routine.

$21.00 USD

A $200 Value, At Just $21 !!

Join professional holistic Esthetician, Megan Niño for almost one hour of a jam packed skin tips and tricks. Learn how to step up your skincare game using all the best holistic skincare. It's a do-it-yourself facial at home! 

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Skin awakening through slow beauty.

This 7 step holistic skin care masterclass will teach you many of my professional tips and tricks to get radiant, healthy skin at home. Watch this class at your own leisure or follow along with me. Being green and using products that are organic, cruelty-free, local and sustainably sourced, brings me great satisfaction. 

First Benefit 

Learn how to properly mix a slow beauty mask. It delivers 40% more antioxidants to your skin than conventional masks and the results are immediate. Get more hydrated and glowing skin. 

Second Benefit

If you have dry, dull, sallow, sensitive, acne, or highly reactive skin, this class is for you. I will teach you how to bring down inflammation in your skin with the best plant medicine in the world. It's sustainable, organic and good for you and the planet. 

Third Benefit 

You will learn how to massage your own face to stimulate blood circulation, qi and prana in neck and face, for clear and brighter looking skin. Your skin will thank you because it will be healthier from a deeper level. I teach a light manual lymph drainage and muscle lifting technique. 

Disclaimer: This video is meant for educational purposes only and should not be used to treat cure or heal any disease of the skin. Always speak with your Dr. first before trying anything new. If you have any serious health issues such as diabetes, heart or cancer, do not perform the facial massage without speaking to your doctor first. Your health and safety is my highest priority. 

Visit Megan at

Instagram @beautylovesnature 

Website sacredfacials.shop

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